Pérez y Cía. Group dates back to 1853 when Mr. Angel Bernardo Pérez started the business by establishing a Ship Agency Office in Santander and commissioning trade with the island of Cuba using brigantines “Teresa” and “Tersicore”. As a result of his close relationship with the first Marquis of Comillas, the company took part in the foundation of “Compañía Transatlántica Española” in 1881. Passing on from father to son, the business was managed by the family until Mr. Jaime Pérez-Maura, the main developer, took over.

He expanded the company to its current size by encompassing the different activities that the Group carries out today. When he died in 1994, his widow Mrs. Elena García Botín became the Chairwomen until 2.014 when she resigned and her son Angel Pérez Maura was appointed Chairman.