Quality and Environmental

In our effort to achieve greater quality in our work as well as a greater proactivity to the care the environment, we have established the following maxims to comply within our company:

 Our main commitment is to ensure the satisfaction of our clients, adapting to their needs and criteria. 

  • Meet with all the requirements of our customers as well as those of legal and other requirements in the field of quality and the environment, which we were required. 
  • We are committed to improve continuously the quality of our services as well as our attitude towards the environmental impacts generated by our activity. 
  • Prevention environmental impacts that may cause the development of our services, concentrating our efforts in carrying out a proper management of waste, generated by the execution of our activity. 
  • We bet for a better future of business growth compatible with the respect to the environment and our company's environmental commitment and the continuous improvement of services and work carried out, focused on customer satisfaction. 
  • This policy of quality and environment is constantly evolving with the company, so it is revised for continuing suitability at least in the Review of the Management System by the management and at the same time that the objectives of quality and environment to consider framework for setting and reviewing these objectives. 

The General Manager, the Manager of QMS/EMS, Office Manager and department heads are the responsible of distribute the quality policy and the environmental policy, also. They will be responsible that employees know the policy of quality and environment, the commitment with the QMS/EMS and understand its scope. The General Manager, has ensured that the quality and environmental policy is understood, implemented and maintained a day.