Project Cargo


Project Cargo


At Perez y Cía. Project Cargo we are passionate about our work: the transport of oversized cargo for the aeronautical industry, offshore, construction, oil & gas, renewables, etc.

Our clients’ challenges become our own. We offer innovative solutions which are technologically efficient and respectful towards the environment.

Perez y Cía. has achieved excellency in project cargo as a result of over a century’s experience in the development of all types of integrated logistics solutions. Our clients’ success is of main importance, and is achieved by keeping the highest standards of transparency and professional services.

Chartering and Project Cargo

The magnitude of each project varies greatly, but we treat them all under the same criteria: maximum commitment and dedication. And precisely because we understand that each project is unique, we offer cutting-edge solutions to global logistics problems, with highly qualified professionals, highly recognized in the industry and exclusively dedicated to the project and chartering.

Port operations and oversized inland transportation

With its own structure present in 24 ports in Spain, Pérez y Cía is capacity and guarantee in oversized transport. Nothing is too complex to be handled if you have the structure, the right tools, and local knowledge.

Surveys and Technical Office

We have a highly qualified staff in cargo inspection and transport planning, because we understand that knowledge and experience in this sector is definitely marked by people.